Markdown support in Chromatic

Create sophisticated formatting for your prose and code in Chromatic with simple syntax.

Markdown in Chromatic

Styling text

Wrap your text with ** to add emphasis. When published the text will be formatted in bold.

**This is bold text.**

This is not.

Quoting code

Call out relevant code or commands inside a discussion by surrounding the relevant text with single backticks `, the text within the backticks will not be formatted.

Run Chromatic by issuing `npx chromatic --project-token=<project-token>`

Working with code blocks

Share code examples by wrapping the relevant code with triple backticks ``` before and after each code block. We recommend placing a blank line before and after the code block for readability.

function Example() {
  console.log("This is an example function");

Working with lists

Create lists of items in your discussions by preceding one or more lines of text with - or *.

- First item

- Second item

- Third item

If you need to order your list, precede each line with a number.

1. First item

2. Second item

3. Third item