Pinpoint visual bugs down to the pixel

Visual test every component and page to detect UI bugs down to the pixel. Every commit is automatically tested for appearance changes in the cloud.

Made for Storybook
Test the real UI
Chromatic takes pixel-perfect snapshots of real code, styling, and assets. This way your tests reflect exactly what your users see.
Coverage across browser
Expand test coverage to Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge in one click. All browsers run in parallel so your test suite stays fast.
Responsive viewport testing
Specify viewport widths in the same place as your stories. Configure viewports for single stories or all components.
Run tests in parallel by default
Your tests run on as many machines as needed to deliver results in the least time possible. Parallelization is automatic with no extra configuration from you.
No test flake
Tests run in a standardized environment to eliminate flake. We auto-detect when UI finishes loading, painting, and reflowing before taking a snapshot.
Automated testing with CI
All components get tested every commit automatically. Have 100% confidence in UI every time you ship.
“Chromatic has been indispensable since the day we added it. It has really increased the confidence and speed with which we merge changes 💯”
Siddharth Kshetrapal
Siddharth Kshetrapal
Design systems engineer

How does visual testing work?

Visual testing scans UI changes for appearance bugs by taking a pixel-perfect snapshot of your UI, complete with styling and static assets. As you commit code, new snapshots are captured and compared to baseline snapshots.

Powered by your Storybook stories

Stories capture all states and variations of components. They’re a pragmatic, reproducible way to keep track of UI test cases. Chromatic uses these stories to power visual tests. The best part is that it just works - no configuration necessary.

Stories to tests
Storybook app that shows a component rendered in isolationChromatic Library view that shows all your components in one shared workspace

Why use Storybook? Every piece of UI is now a component. The superpower of components is that you can render a specific variation in isolation by passing in props and mocking APIs and events. Save these variations in a reproducible format called stories using Storybook.

Chromatic is built and maintained by the team behind Storybook. Together, they turn your components and pages into an powerful yet pragmatic way to develop, test, and documenting UI.

Playwright logo
Not using Storybook? Chromatic integrates with end-to-end testing tools like Playwright to provide comprehensive visual coverage for user flows.
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“The more things we have in Storybook, the more coverage we get in Chromatic.”
Dan Green-Leipciger
Dan Green-Leipciger
Sr. Engineering manager

Spot the visual differences

Detect visual changes in components down to the tiniest detail. Verify UI changes to color, position, scale, and layout to catch accidental bugs.

Accuracy to the pixel
Even the tiniest tweak can set off major bugs. Our eagle-eyed algorithm catches the subtlest UI changes.
Multiple perspectives to view changes
See changes quickly using different views: 1up, 2up, Diff, and more. Each view emphasizes changes in a unique way.
Selectively ignore elements
Ignore specific UI elements from your tests, focusing only on the changes you care about.
“Visual diffs make changes apparent and unmistakable... Chromatic has been an extremely useful and confidence-inspiring.”
Lauren Eastridge
Lauren Eastridge
Director of open source

Review and merge changes

Approve changes in a glance using Chromatic’s web-based merge manager. Get timely test notifications in your Git and CI tool.

screenshot of Chromatic’s UI Test build screen
Online merge manager
Get an online dashboard of interaction test status and visual changes for every build.
Verify tests with your team
Collaborate on verifying changes with design, product, and engineering using the online merge manager.
Pin comments to changes
Get straight to the point by pinning comments directly on visual changes. Mention teammates to ask for feedback.
Fully-inspectable components
Reproductions are easier than ever with fully inspectable DOM, styling, and assets uploaded with each test.
Smart branching and merging
Keep track of your component variations across branches to get conflict-free merges. Zero configuration.
GitHubBitbucketGitLab+ SSO/SAML
Integrates with CI & version control
Chromatic integrates with your CI and version control workflow to keep everyone in the loop.
Never fix the same visual bug twice.

Frequently asked questions

“I really believe Chromatic was the last missing block to really perform visual regression testing. In an era where front-end development tools got more and more visual, testing interfaces had to inherently become visual: this is Chromatic.”
Loic Chollier
Loic Chollier
Sr. Director of engineering