Code and design, side-by-side

Use Chromatic to embed Storybook stories in Figma for swift handoff. Open the plugin to check how code looks and feels without having to jump over to Storybook.

Chromatic Figma plugin

Reduce back-and-forth between devs and designers

Design and UI implementation can often diverge over time, causing confusion about the source of truth. Chromatic connects Storybook stories to Figma variants making it easier to compare implementation with design and speeding up the handoff process.


Chromatic links your code with Figma

Link stories to Figma variants, and Storybook Connect will keep them up to date with the latest design and implementation versions. Click on a Figma component and paste it’s corresponding story URL to link them together.

Code and design side-by-side

View the latest implementation on a designated branch to reference the production code as you design.

Security and access control for teams

Manage authentication to get full control over who can find and access linked components for security purposes.

Component versioning & history

Track every version of your stories by commit. You can select specific stories to connect to Figma by using a permalink.

Step 1

Run Figma plugin

Run now
Figma plugin - Step 1

Step 2

Paste a link from Chromatic

Figma plugin - Step 2

Step 3

Your stories are in Figma

Figma plugin - Step 3
“Storybook has made developing components more streamlined by allowing us to easily include technical documentation within our design system!”
Taurie Davis
Taurie Davis
Author of Building Design Systems
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Frequently asked questions

Why link stories to variants?

Developers utilize Storybook to create UI components and capture their states as stories, while designers model these states as component variants in Figma. It's common to experience a disconnect between these two tools during the handoff process.

Chromatic’s Storybook Connect plugin eliminates this issue by linking stories directly to their corresponding variants allowing teams to resolve inconsistencies earlier in the design process and identify reusable components.

Does the Figma integration sync automatically?

Yes. Chromatic automatically updates your linked stories to reflect the latest build on the designated branch. That means, when the build URL for a branch changes in Chromatic, the Figma component will always display the latest build on the branch.