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Deliver UI projects with higher margins and fewer bugs

Invite clients to a shared workspace to get UI implementation feedback early and often. Automate UI testing to catch expensive bugs.

Get client feedback in one place
Automatically publish Storybooks to a shared workspace for clients to review. You’ll get feedback earlier so you can iterate faster.
Every project is synced in the cloud
Publish all your Storybooks to a secure workspace that your team and clients can reference.
Request stakeholder feedback
Assign teammates and clients to give you feedback on works in progress. Iterate and approve finished UIs.
Comment on look and feel
Clients can comment on styling, behavior, and interaction in one place. No more redlining screenshots or gifs.

Find bugs early to boost margins
Chromatic detects UI bugs early in development. No more budget-eating manual QA or costly rework.
Expand visual QA with less work
Each UI component is monitored and tested so you can pinpoint bugs instantly. Deliver high quality UIs while also moving fast.
Automatic testing with CI
Each time you push code, Chromatic scans your UI components for bugs. This saves your team from expensive manual QA.
Render and test real UI
Chromatic renders the same code, styling, and assets that's shipped to users.
Instant test results
Get test results in seconds. No more waiting for manual QA or getting stuck in the CI queue.

“Visual diffs make changes apparent and unmistakable... Screenshot testing with Chromatic has been an extremely useful and confidence-inspiring.”
Lauren Eastridge
Lauren Eastridge
JavaScript Engineer
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Automated workflows speed up your team
Our tools streamline feedback and catch UI bugs so you can focus more on delivering award-winning projects.
Workflows for digital agencies
Review changes to UI components and libraries. Request feedback, invite stakeholders, comment, and approve UI.
No hassle integrations
Add Chromatic to any project with our seamless integrations. Use GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab, CircleCI, Travis, and many more.
Quick and easy reproductions
Debugging is quick with fully inspectable components and access to past component versions.
Made for your entire team
Invite designers, strategists, and project managers to double-check UI implementation. No extra tools necessary, just share a link.

“Chromatic very quickly becomes a natural and invaluable part of your development process. You no longer have to be fearful of accidentally breaking your UI.”
David Burles
David Burles
Development lead
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Reuse existing components to lower costs
Discover and reuse existing components in your UI library. Stop reinventing the wheel every new project and client.
Search and browse existing components
Discover existing components instead of building the same components over and over.
Component history
Go back in time to see who made what UI decisions and watch how your components evolve.
Fully inspectable UI
Chromatic indexes your living components over time. That means you can interact with the same UI you deliver to users.

You deliver award-winning UIs. We automate the rest.