Speed up sign-off & manage feedback

Chromatic helps you review work with developers, designers, and product managers. Your team can add and manage UI feedback in a shared workspace. Synchronizes with your CI workflow.

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UI Review is like code review, but for UI

In tools like GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket, you assign other developers to review the code for a pull request. Chromatic complements this workflow by enabling you to assign designers, product managers, and other stakeholders to review visual changes in that pull request.

Isolated frame for componentComponent
Comment on componentComment on componentComment on component
Stay on top of feedback
Get notified of changes and discussion via email and PR checks.
Every decision in one place
Post comments and change requests right beside your live components, so that everyone can follow decision-making.
Integrates with Git and CI
UI Review status syncs with your version control & CI to keep teams in the loop.
Assign reviewers
Collaborate on verifying changes with design, product, and engineering using the online merge manager.
Integrates with Figma
Embed Figma to quickly compare the implementation to the design.
Set default reviewers
Automatically assign key stakeholders to review a PR when it’s opened to speed up sign-off.
“Time is money and Chromatic saves us at least 24 hours of manual review time every month.”
Paul Vidal
Paul Vidal

How it works

Chromatic's superpower is knowing exactly which pieces of the UI have changed anywhere in your project.

Open a pull request

Open a pull or merge request in your Git provider and Chromatic will automatically create a corresponding UI Review.

Main branch
Feature branch
Changes detectedWho needs to review the changesApproved reviews
Comment on componentComment on componentComment on componentComment on componentComment on component

Detect UI changes

Chromatic generates a visual changeset for pull requests by comparing the UI between your branch and the base branch. This speeds up review because reviewers know exactly what pieces of UI have changed and how.

Assign reviewers

Assign teammates for feedback. Bring along designers, product managers, and other stakeholders to refine the UI together.

Discuss the details

Reviewers start a discussion to request updates. Discussions are organized in threads and attached to the specific UI that needs to change. Resolve discussions to show that the feedback was heard.

Track everyone's feedback

Chromatic gathers all change requests and sign-offs from your team into one checklist. Each item needs to be resolved in order for the UI Review to pass.

Merge with confidence

When UI Review "passes", the corresponding CI check will also pass. This is a sign to your team that the PR nails the specifications - merge with confidence.

syncs with
Pull request checks with green checkmarks
“Chromatic made it possible to include designers in the review flow during development of the actual components.”
Kevin Østerkilde
Kevin Østerkilde
Software engineer
Speed up stakeholder sign-off

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“Our product team loves Chromatic. It's truly helped kickstart a better relationship between designers and developers.”
Andrew Cianci
Andrew Cianci
Sr. product designer