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  • Unlimited Storybooks
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  • Secure CDN access for teams
  • 5,000 free snapshots/month
  • Git and CI integrations
  • All core features

Premium plans

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Timesaving features

Unlimited projects
Publish all your Storybooks to a secure CDN and automate testing and review.
Unlimited collaborators
Invite the entire team without worrying about hidden “per seat” charges.
Comment & assign reviewers
Give precise feedback on UI implementation. Request review and get stakeholders to sign off.
Versioning & history
QA unexpected bugs by going back in time to compare UI changes between branches and commits.
Fully inspectable stories
Debugging and reproductions are quick and easy with fully inspectable components.
Search & document components
Generate a self-documenting, auto-updating library where teams can browse components.
No waiting
Our parallelized cloud delivers lightning-fast results no matter how big your component library.
Cross browser coverage
Flip a switch to test components in Chrome, Firefox, and IE11. No setup needed. For premium plans only.
Responsive testing
Test responsive components by specifying viewport widths in the same place as your stories.
Git and CI/CD integrations
Painless integrations with popular tools like CircleCI, Travis, Jenkins, GitHub Actions, and more.
Secure access for teams
Sync collaborator permissions with GitHub, Bitbucket, and GitLab to make access control quick and easy.
Support from Storybook maintainers
The team that builds Storybook is only a chat away. Resolve issues faster.

Frequently asked questions

Is Chromatic really free? What’s the catch?
Yes. We believe frontend infrastructure should be available to everyone. That’s why we maintain Storybook and offer Chromatic for free. We also offer premium plans that provide even more value.
What’s the difference between the free plan and premium plans?

The free plan gives you essential frontend infrastructure for UI components and design systems. You can publish unlimited Storybooks to review with unlimited collaborators. You get component history across branches and commits. All in a secure, private workspace for your entire team.

The premium plans make feedback more efficient by automatically comparing UI components to detect visual changes (via snapshots). That means stakeholders don’t have to hunt around your component library to find out what changed when reviewing PRs. You’ll also get access to a suite of browsers that extend your test coverage in one click. The free plan includes 5,000 free snapshots/month so modest-sized teams can also benefit from premium workflows.

Do you charge for inviting teammates?
No, we don’t charge you “per seat”. UI libraries and design systems only thrive when everyone is included. We wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize the adoption of your components.
What is a snapshot?

A snapshot is a pixel-perfect image of the rendered UI component. Snapshots are used to detect UI changes in a PR for visual review and testing. Snapshots are only taken when you enable “UI Review” or “UI Tests” for your project.

Everytime you run a build, we take one snapshot for each story. If you have 50 stories, Chromatic will take 50 snapshots. In addition, testing multiple viewports and browsers are also considered snapshots.

How do you count the number of snapshots for billing?
Snapshots are counted at the account level. If your account has multiple projects we sum the number of snapshots used by each project to get your total usage.
How fast are Chromatic's visual tests and what is max concurrency?
Chromatic optimizes your visual tests for speed. Your tests run on as many machines as needed to deliver results in the least time possible. Our infrastructure is effectively capable of running all your tests in parallel, no matter how many builds you run, or stories you write. For instance, customers often test 2000+ permutations in less than a minute.
What if I exceed my plan's monthly snapshot limit?

If you have a free plan, review and testing will be paused when you exhaust the 5,000 free snapshots per month. This may affect your PR checks.

If you have a premium plan, review and testing will not be interrupted. You’ll be billed for extra snapshots beyond the included amount at the end of the month.

How do I change my plan?
Change your plan in account settings. All changes are prorated to the day.
What if it doesn't work as expected?
If you aren’t happy with Chromatic we’ll refund your money. We want customers to ship consistent UIs, save time, and build bulletproof component libraries. If it’s not working out for you, just email us to get a refund for your current months usage.
Can I deactivate my account?
Yes, deactivate anytime. We’ll be sad to see you go!
“Just deleted all component snapshot tests from our React component library—in favour of @chromaui [Chromatic] screenshot tests… it’s priced well for our use case where manually testing everything would be much more expensive.”
Mark Dalgleish
Mark Dalgleish
Design systems lead
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“Storybook combined with Chromatic is crucial to our UX process.”
Andrew Frankel
Andrew Frankel
Engineering lead
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“I've done visual regression manually in the past but has always caused more problems than it's solved. Not the case with Chromatic”
Alasdair McLeay
Alasdair McLeay
UI architect
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“Chromatic is a valuable addition to our testing toolset. It helps us catch UI bugs a lot quicker and easier!”
Malek Hakim
Malek Hakim
Software engineer
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