Billing and invoices

Chromatic bills customers monthly based on their subscription date. For instance, if you subscribed on February 14th, you’ll be billed on the 14th of each month. Any additional overages will be attached to the current billing period. Similarly, snapshots are allocated within the same time frame and reset following the same cadence.


Chromatic charges based on snapshots and browser coverage, respectively. Snapshots power UI Tests and UI Review. They are only taken when you enable “UI Review” or “UI Tests” for your project.

Every time you run a build, we take one snapshot for each story. If you have 50 stories, Chromatic will take 50 snapshots. In addition, testing multiple viewports and browsers are also considered snapshots.

For example, see how many snapshots are taken in different scenarios below.

Story count Builds Browsers Viewports Snapshots taken
1 story 10 builds 1 browser 1 viewport 10 snapshots
1 story 10 builds 2 browsers 1 viewport 20 snapshots
2 stories 10 builds 1 browser 1 viewport 20 snapshots
2 stories 10 builds 2 browsers 1 viewport 40 snapshots
2 stories 10 builds 2 browsers 2 viewports 80 snapshots

If you use our free Publish Storybook service only you will not be billed for snapshots.

How we count snapshots

Snapshots are counted at the account level. If your account has multiple projects, we sum the number of snapshots each project uses to get your total usage. Chromatic doesn’t break down billing per project.

View current months usage

Find the current month’s usage in the Plan section of the Billing page.

Chromatic monthly snapshots used


If you exceed the number of snapshots in your plan, you’ll be billed for extra snapshots in your next invoice. Consider upgrading to an enterprise plan for more snapshots. Contact us via in-app chat or email to learn more.

Usage alerts

Keep track of your account’s snapshot usage by setting up a usage alert. When you hit a certain snapshot threshold in a billing period, we’ll notify the designated email address.

For example, if you want to get a notification when you use 90% of the 35,000 snapshots in the Starter plan, you’d set the snapshot alert threshold to 31,500.

Setup usage alerting

Usage reports

You can generate detailed usage reports for your own bookkeeping. Monthly and yearly reports are available for download as a CSV file. Contact us via our in-app chat or email if you’d like a custom date range or have the report formatted as JSON.

The downloaded CSV includes the following columns:

Column Description
Date Creation date and time of the build (ISO 8601)
App ID Unique Chromatic project identifier
Build ID Unique Chromatic build identifier
Repository slug Owner and name of the Git repository linked to the project (<ownerName>:<repoName>)
Branch name Git branch name for which the build was created, prefixed with <ownerName>: if the build originates from a fork
Build number The incremental number for this build
Skipped snapshots Number of snapshots that you saved (not got billed for) thanks to TurboSnap
Chrome snapshots Number of billed snapshots captured in Chrome
Firefox snapshots Number of billed snapshots captured in Firefox
Safari snapshots Number of billed snapshots captured in Safari
Edge snapshots Number of billed snapshots captured in Edge
Internet Explorer snapshots Phasing out in 2023. Number of billed snapshots captured in Internet Explorer.

Setup usage report

Change plans

Change your plan in account settings. All changes are prorated to the day. That means you can change your plan anytime in the month without getting charged unnecessarily for unused snapshots.


Invoices are generated each month on your account’s Billing page. Click to see a PDF of the amount owed and a breakdown of snapshot usage.

Chromatic invoice statement

Email invoices to your billing or finance manager

By default, Chromatic sets the account’s billing email to the email address of the person who signed up for the plan. We send all billing and account related emails to this address.

Go to the Payment section on the Billing page to change the billing email associated with your account. Click “Change email”.

Chromatic billing


If you aren’t happy with Chromatic, we’ll refund your money. We want customers to ship consistent UIs, save time, and build bulletproof component libraries.

If it’s not working out for you, contact us via our in-app chat or email to get a refund for your current month’s usage.

Subsequent refunds will be credited to your account for use in future invoices.