Chromatic CLI

The CLI builds then publishes Storybook. Run chromatic in your project directory.

./node_modules/.bin/chromatic --project-token=<your-project-token>

If you customized the way your Storybook runs, you may need to pass additional options.

Main options Use case
--project-token The unique code for your project – note you can pass this via the CHROMATIC_PROJECT_TOKEN environment variable.
Storybook options Use case
--build-script-name The npm script that builds your Storybook we should take snapshots against (defaults to build-storybook). Use this if your Storybook build script is named differently.
--storybook-build-dir If you have already built your Storybook, provide the path to the built Storybook.
Chromatic options Use case
--allow-console-errors Continue running Chromatic even if some there are errors logged during Storybook initialization
--auto-accept-changes [branch] If there are any changes to the build, automatically accept them. This is useful in some branching situations. See more in the branching docs. This is only for <branch> if specified.
--exit-zero-on-changes [branch] If all snapshots render but there are visual changes, exit with a 0 exit code, rather than the usual 1. This is only for <branch> if specified.
--exit-once-uploaded [branch] Exit with 0 once the built version has been published to Chromatic. This is only for <branch> if specified.
--ignore-last-build-on-branch [branch] Do not use the last build on this branch as a baseline if it is no longer in history (i.e. branch was rebased). This is only for <branch> if specified.
--preserve-missing Treat missing stories as unchanged rather than deleted.
--no-interactive Don’t ask interactive questions about your setup.
Debug options Use case
--debug Output more debugging information.
--only <component:story> Only run a single story or a glob-style subset of stories for debugging purposes.
--skip Skip Chromatic tests (mark as passing)
--list List available stories for debugging purposes
--ci Tell Chromatic that you’re running in CI, non-interactively. Alternatively, pass CI=true.

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