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Chromatic is a visual testing & review tool that scans every possible UI state across browsers to catch visual and functional bugs. Assign reviewers and resolve discussions to streamline team sign-off.

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UI Tests catch bugs automatically

Run visual and interaction tests across different browsers, themes, and viewports at the same time. Expansive test coverage – with no extra work

Test in a real browser
Chromatic takes pixel-perfect snapshots of real code, styling, and assets. Your tests reflect what your users actually experience.
Low maintenance - high coverage
Chromatic creates tests from the Storybook stories already created during the development process. No need to write the same tests twice.
No test flake
Our custom detection algorithm eliminates flakiness from latency, animations, resource loading, and browser state.

Scan all possible UI states to pinpoint regressions

Run two types of tests across four browsers for continuous coverage. Your tests run in parallel by default to deliver results in the least time possible.

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Visual changes detected and reviewed
“Chromatic is a valuable addition to our testing toolset. It helps us catch UI bugs a lot quicker and easier!”
Malek Hakim
Malek Hakim
Sr. Software engineer

UI Review speeds up team sign-off

Chromatic provides a unified workspace for designers, product managers, and other stakeholders to share feedback and sign-off on UI. It's like code review, but for everyone.

Stay on top of feedback
Get notified of changes and discussion via email and pull request checks.
Every decision in one place
Post comments and change requests right beside your live components, so that everyone can follow decision-making.
Integrates with Git and CI
UI Review status syncs with your version control & CI to keep teams in the loop.
Assign reviewers
Request review from design, product, and engineering in a shared workspace online.
Set default reviewers
Automatically assign specific stakeholders to review open pull requests to speed up sign-off.
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Connects to your workflows
Keep everyone in the loop with Slack, Figma, and custom webhooks.
“We are using Storybook in every UI layer in all of our organization. Chromatic keeps us safe and helps us ship quality & performant UI.”
Orr Gottlieb
Orr Gottlieb
Engineering manager

Publish a single source of truth

Create a searchable workspace for UI components, stories, tests, API docs, and design files. Invite your team to a shared workspace where they can reference any piece of UI across time.

screenshot of Chromatic’s Library screen
Catalog all your components
Explore UI components from across your company in one place without touching a repository.
Stays up to date
Every time you push code your library is auto-updated.
Searchable component libraries
Find out how and where UI components are used in your projects.
Component API, docs, and examples
Docs, API, and example use cases from Storybook are synced with Chromatic and shown alongside your components.
Invite your teammates
Invite developers, designers, and stakeholders by email or custom link. Assign roles for access control.
History down to the commit
Compare components across branches & commits to review past versions.
“The more things we have in Storybook, the more coverage we get in Chromatic.”
Dan Green-Leipciger
Dan Green-Leipciger
Sr. Engineering manager

Setup in 90 seconds

Chromatic integrates with your existing CI/CD tools out-of-the-box. Best practices come pre-configured while still giving you full control to customize behavior.

screenshot of an approved build in the Chromatic webapp
Chromatic adds status checks for your pull/merge requests. The badges show errors or changes that need to be reviewed.
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Loved by developers around the world

Everyone from startups to enterprise choose Chromatic to develop their web UIs. Our workflows are time-tested by the largest engineering organizations and the global open source community.

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Made by Storybook

Storybook is an industry-standard tool for UI development that hundreds of thousands of developers rely on. Chromatic supercharges Storybook with automated visual testing and review workflows.

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