How to get the most out of Storybook

Chromatic is made by Storybook maintainers to help you gather UI feedback, visual test, and document Storybook.

Publish Storybook to review
Get feedback faster by inviting teammates to a secure shared workspace made for Storybook.
Track components in the cloud
Publish your Storybooks to a secure online workspace for your whole team to reference.
Request stakeholder feedback
Assign teammates and stakeholders to give you feedback on works in progress.
Comment on look and feel
Comment on styling, behavior, and interaction in one place. No more redlining screenshots or gifs.
Made for frontend teams
Invite fellow developers, designers, and product managers to help you refine UI implementation. No coding or touching a dev environment.

“I've done visual regression manually in the past but has always caused more problems than it's solved. Not the case with Chromatic”
Alasdair McLeay
Alasdair McLeay
UI architect
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Pinpoint UI bugs instantly
Chromatic saves you work by detecting UI bugs in every component automatically.
Test every UI component
Monitor and test each UI component to make sure it looks exactly as expected.
Automatic testing with CI
Each time you push code, Chromatic scans your UI components for bugs. No more time-consuming manual QA.
Test the real, rendered UI
Chromatic takes pixel-perfect snapshots of the rendered code, styling, and assets.
No waiting, no queues
Get as many concurrent workers as you need to deliver the fastest results (at no extra charge).

“Chromatic has allowed more engineers to contribute confidently to our shared libraries without fear that their changes are introducing unexpected visual side effects downstream.”
Doug Hogan
Doug Hogan
Engineering manager
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Best practice workflows for Storybook
Chromatic has a first-class Storybook integration and works with tools you already use.
Streamline visual review and test
Review changes to UI components and libraries. Request feedback, invite stakeholders, comment, and approve UI.
Branch & merge just like Git
Zero configuration branch and merge support ensures conflict-free merges. Chromatic adapts to your existing Git workflow.
Fully automated with CI
Chromatic comes with convenient defaults that are fully customizable. Trigger workflows run when you push code.
Integrations with popular tools
Add Chromatic to any project with our seamless integrations. Use GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab, CircleCI, Travis, and many more.

“I finally have the shared workspace I need to collaborate on Storybook with my distributed team.”
Michael Shilman
Michael Shilman
Storybook core maintainer
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Build faster with reusable components
Chromatic helps you you discover and reuse components. Browse the appearance, location, and usage of every component.
Document and share Storybooks
Components from across your company are catalogued in one place to make finding and reusing work simple.
Always up to date
Every time you push code, your library is auto updated. No more digging through commits or versions.
Complete component history
Go back in time to compare the look and feel of components for any commit and across branches.

You build UI components in Storybook. We automate the rest.