Ship UIs faster by automating grunt work

Chromatic automates visual & interaction tests for Storybook. Connect CI/CD and Figma workflows to streamline stakeholder sign-off. Generate versioned component docs.
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Gather UI feedback in one place
Publish your Storybook to a secure cloud workspace. Stakeholders can review UI easier and give you feedback faster.
Publish Storybook to review
Publish your Storybooks to a secure shared workspace that’s accessible to your team.
Request feedback
Assign teammates to give you feedback on works in progress and approve the finished UI.
Comment on look and feel
Make precise comments on styling, behavior, and interaction. This makes change requests clear and actionable.

“Setting up a first-class, cross-discipline contributor experience used to take my teams months. Today, I can build it myself in a few clicks thanks to Chromatic!”
Kaelig Deloumeau-Prigent
Kaelig Deloumeau-Prigent
UX development manager
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Pinpoint UI bugs instantly
Check for visual bugs in every story, across browsers and screen sizes, whenever you push code.
Comprehensive UI coverage
Ensure users get a consistent look and feel across your entire component library.
Automated testing with CI
All components get tested every commit automatically. Have 100% confidence in UI every time you ship.
Instant test results
Your tests complete in seconds because all components are tested in parallel. No waiting for CI to finish.
Every pixel matters
Minor tweaks can trigger major UI bugs. Our eagle-eyed algorithm catches the subtlest UI changes.

“The more things we have in Storybook, the more coverage we get in Chromatic.”
Dan Green
Dan Green
Senior software engineer
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Build in Storybook, reuse everywhere
Index every component in your projects so that teammates can find and reuse your work.
Browse your team’s Storybooks
Explore UI components from across your company in one place without touching code or a repository.
Searchable component libraries
Find out how and where UI components are used in your projects.
Always up to date
Every time you push code, your library is auto updated. No more digging through commits or versions.

“Chromatic has been essential in giving us the confidence to release our distributed component libraries quickly and often.”
Doug Hogan
Doug Hogan
Engineering manager
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Integrate with your existing CI/CD tools
Chromatic integrates with leading devops tooling to supercharge your workflow without adding more work.
Set up in seconds
No-hassle integrations with your existing version control and CI tools.
Fully automated
You get best practice defaults that are fully customizable. Chromatic runs automatically whenever you push code.
Create custom workflows
Sequence operations with three PR checks: Publish, Review, and Test. Each check tracks a different part of the UI process.


“Chromatic made it possible to include designers in the review flow during development of the actual components.”
Kevin Østerkilde
Kevin Østerkilde
Software engineer
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Made by Storybook core maintainers
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For Storybook users
Ship component-driven UIs with less manual work, and fewer distractions.
Build UIs with less work
For frontend teams
Automate UI review and QA to ship bulletproof UIs faster and easier with your team.
Ship features smarter
For design systems
Refine and test components to ensure a consistent look & feel at every touchpoint.
Ensure consistent UIs
For digital agencies
Involve your clients early to avoid expensive rework. Add testing in one click.
Deliver projects faster
What’s so great about automating Storybook? Why can’t I do this myself?

UI developers are responsible for component development, test, review, and documentation. This is often done manually. Chromatic automates these jobs and integrates them into your existing Git and CI tooling. That means you avoid tedious manual work while also saving time.

Sure, it’s possible to cobble together libraries to build some of Chromatic’s features – we’ve even authored free guides and articles that share how. But then you’d have to invest time and effort into maintaining your DIY service instead of building valuable features.

You build UI components. We automate the rest.