Fix pseudo classes persist

Merging codingedgar:fix-pseudo-class-persist into mainView on GitHub
Build required for forked branch

We'd love to show you visual changes, but we don't have a build for the head (source) branch of this pull request.

Because this PR originates from a fork, it means we need a build for the fix-pseudo-class-persist branch on the forked repository codingedgar/storybook-addon-pseudo-states. Here's how you can create that build manually:

  1. Create a build for chromaui:main
  2. In the repository forked under codingedgar, add a remote named chromaui if you haven't already, and fetch the upstream branch.
    git remote add chromaui
    You can list remotes with git remote -v
    git fetch chromaui
    Using HTTPS with two-factor authentication requires a personal access token.
  3. Merge chromaui:main into codingedgar:fix-pseudo-class-persist
    git checkout fix-pseudo-class-persist
    You may have to run git pull to update your local branch after switching.
    git merge chromaui/main
    Don't forget to install or update dependencies after merging branches.
  4. Finally, run a build for codingedgar:fix-pseudo-class-persist
    npx chromatic --project-token=uskf6kz75lb --branch-name="codingedgar:fix-pseudo-class-persist"
    Not sure how to create a build? Learn how to publish your Storybook