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Ink publishes in-depth tutorials for UI developers. We research the latest frontend practices, figure out how they work, then write in-depth guides for professional developers.

Created by Chromatic, the team that maintains Storybook and previously Apollo GraphQL and Meteor.


Dominic Nguyen@domyen
Dominic is the designer of Storybook. He focuses on dev workflows and community. He helped launch Apollo GraphQL and maintain Meteor.
Varun Vachhar@winkerVSbecks
Varun is a developer experience engineer at Chromatic. Previously, he lead the design systems practice at Rangle.io. He writes about component libraries, creative coding, and animation.
Tom Coleman@tmeasday
Tom is a Storybook Steering Committee member focusing on frontend architecture.Previously, he engineered Apollo GraphQL.He writes about frontend best practices, performance, and process.

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